Protesta was founded in 2015 as a minimalistic lifestyle brand offering forward-looking & eco fashion accessories. The name stands for “PROTEST” + “A”. By using the word Protest, we question the norm, we don’t take things for what they are. We want to inspire others to keep a curious mind. “A” stands for accessories, with our accessories as an example of what we believe in.

Brand Philosophy

Design inspired by journey of life – this is the philosophy that drives the designs of PROTESTA. We believe good designs originate from practicality, positivity with sleek and timeless visual aesthetics. We stand by minimal and sustainable lifestyle, create simple and long lasting products with impeccable style and functionality inspired by the nuances of our journey in life.

The design rule of 4R

“4R” is the origin of PROTESTA ’s design structure, It stands for recover, recreate, recycle and respect.

They represent the design concept with the important notions of “Taken from the earth, implement within designs, recycle and reuse, respect our environmental resources.”

Most of our accessories are made of recycled and upcycled material, using mainly recycled aluminum and brass which got the highest recycling rate of 90%-100%