Our Mission & Solution

Eco-friendly practices in our sourcing of materials and our design processes.

We try our best to express the zero waste and minimalist lifestyle thru our design and product.

Each piece in our collections are created in our small workshop using traditional metalwork techniques combine with heavy industry technology with recycled and upcycled materials.

We dig deep into the source of our materials, down to the bottom. By using recycled or repurposed materials, we stop causing unwanted by-product during the process which commonly seen in the industry.

Our Designers

Elias Lam, founder and designer of PROTESTA, graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University specialized in Spacial Design. A fter designing fashion accessories for a decade, Elias decided to further his study in jewelry & metalwork at Sheeld Hallam University in 2015. His passion in accessory design and his experience aspired him to create a label of his own, Protesta. His debut collection was released in 2015, inuenced by minimalism and the cultural movement of Bauhaus, and conveyed his idea through simple line exploration and industrial structure. Forms rise from recurring motifs in architecture and jewelry, recede into minimal vacant structures. Jewelry were created using heavy industrial production technique and skilled handicraft in mainly recycled and upcycled materials.

Joanna Ibrahim, co-founder of PROTESTA, graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Business Administration degree, and pursued her interest in Environmental Design at The Art School in Hong Kong. Joanna worked for a number of fashion houses in Hong Kong, namely, D-mop, Peace Angel, Bauhaus, Maisonette1977 (NY), and met Elias in a social event back in year 2006, they have been exchanging design ideas since then, until recently, they launched PROTESTA together in the year 2015. With a business education background, Joanna collects and analyzes market responds, reflecting them in the collection without compromising Elias’ design ideology. They worked hand in hand seamlessly over the years. Joanna was born and raised in Hong Kong, recently became Singaporean. She brought the brand over to Singapore and it debuted there.